Earning gems and diamonds in episode game

Earning gems and diamonds in episode game


There is no doubt that at present mobile games is the best source of entertainment. You can easily kill stress and spend some quality of the time on the mobile games. In case you are still looking for a suitable game to spend time then you must try episode choose your story. This game is based on the stories where you can live the life of your character. More than 70000 stories on different topics are available on different topics. You can choose the mysteries, romance, drama etc. There are lots of fascinating things to do in it.

Gaming resources details

There is no doubt that in the starting phase you don’t have to spend anything in order to play this game. Later when you will be able to cross the initial levels, you will have to buy certain items. You need to buy items to be popular in the game and decorate your character in a unique way. Unfortunately, you will not be getting unlimited gaming resources for this. Gaming resources are available in different forms like diamonds, gems, and passes. You can spend the real world money and buy them. In other cases, you will have to be very smart and make proper strategies.

Gaining wealth

There is no doubt that in the starting you may not find the suitable or easy ways to gain the more wealth by using Episode Cheats. For this, you will have to spend some time on the episodes. Gradually, you will be becoming aware of the famous methods by which you can gain the gems, diamonds, and passes. For example, every time when you will log in to the game, you will be prompt to rate the app. For doing this task the developers will be providing some free passes for you. You must also create unique personality and characters. People are always curious about the things which are unique and highly fashionable.

Be popular

In order to gain popularity, you must also take the help of social media. Interaction with the audience of your story will fasten the process and you will be gaining a good response. Make sure that you are doing something unique, new and interesting all the time. You must remember the fact that engaging the audience is the main tasks which will make you quite different from others. Keeping your story engaging and interesting is the key to success and this will also give you surety about the huge audience. Bring the things, actions which are highly preferred by the majority of the people.

Include actions in story

Now you must be thinking that what type of actions you must include to your story to make to popular among the huge audience. For this, you must bring activities like farming, wars, bingo, romance to your story. It is better to create a perfect combination of many things. This way you will be able to get more attention. Never forget to share your images and videos on the social media. By doing this you will be able to engage in the episode for a long period as well. There are many people who love the episode choose your story because of this method. Here you can easily spend time without even knowing it.

Keep everything unique

Episode chooses your story has many unique factors. Availability of popular stories is on the top. In case you don’t have to so much spare time to go for the entirely unique story, choose the story which seems more appealing to you. You can keep on making changes in it according to your taste. You can also mold the personality of characters and be successful. If you like this game, you can visit in itunes and have this game.