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How To Dominate Over Opponent In Clash Royale

How To Dominate Over Opponent In Clash Royale?


It is true that strategy games are higher in trend and the main reason behind this thing is their unique gameplay and interesting battles, even you get the best thrill giving experience with such games. Clash Royale is a trending game offered by Supercell studios over IOS and Android. The game is called as the unique one in all kind of it and lots of gamers have tried it. You will love the fact that it Clash Royale Cheats is offering you to play PvP battles and others to win over opponent. Earning currencies is the important part of the game where gold and gems are the currencies. It can be earned in good amount as you follow the basic guides. On the other hand, you can spend money and grab good amount of currencies with ease. Both methods are used by lots of people and you can rely on these to get rid of opponent.

Where to Begin

As you know that gold is the primary currency of the game and it can be earned by completing live events, winning in battle and opening the chests. The other method is to convert the existing gems into gold. On the other hand, gem is also important and it can be earned by achievements and chests too. Keep on focusing on these methods and get rid of all the issues with ease. It can be hard in beginning but you can earn a good amount by above given methods.

Battle Strategy


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The vital thing of your strategy is battling and if you want to go well then you should build a good strategy. It isn’t tough at all because you need to focus on defense more than offense. You have so many troops to choose from and the main ones are common because it play the vital role in winning. You need to decide the troops and the best deck has all kind of it. Start from common and then add some epic as well as rare cards in the deck. The better cards you use the more you increase the chances of winning. You should keep some rare cards but if you are not going right then reduce their amount and add up common ones.

How to next battle

As mentioned before, battling is all about strategy and the use of right troop. You have many in your team so you need to decide that which one is right to use. Know that which troop is helpful in distracting the opponent and the good thing is that they use less elixir in such processes. It will give you the time to place next card on right time however if you use powerful cards then they will consume good amount of elixir and you need to wait until the elixir charge up. As you want to get rid of opponent without wasting any time then send some common troops and attack on archer tower from air or ground and keep the opponent busy in other side. It will help in winning.